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The Future Of The Domain Industry Lies In Blockchain is on the verge of setting the path forward for the future of one of the first internet industries

An Introduction

Ever since Undeveloped started, we’ve done things differently. The sole reason why we entered the market was to become a driving force of innovation in an industry that seemed to be at a standstill.

When we take a close look at the domain industry, we can split the market in two. You’ve got the primary market which is ruled by registrars that mostly only provide access to unregistered domains and the secondary market which exists out of marketplaces like Undeveloped that represent and promote their own inventories.

Both the primary and secondary markets today reside in a heavily outdated and splintered state. This has lead to inefficiencies which affect every single stakeholder in the market, be it a startup looking for the right brand to use or domain owners looking to sell or monetize their assets.

Meanwhile, the demand for quality brands keeps increasing while the market isn’t getting mobilized more efficiently to cater this increase in demand.

Primary market players have a hard time growing due to new registrations slowing down, caused by peak domain name registrations. Secondary market players have to work with very low liquidity on the existing platforms. As a domain seller for example, if you’re doing great, you’ll sell just a fraction of your portfolio on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, every single month 8 million new businesses get started that bump into the same problems when trying to find the right brand for their business. In the current market it’s not a given that both sides of the table will effectively find each other, trust each other and transact together. There are just too many barriers and hurdles to overcome.

We firmly believe that the industry is ripe for disruption and that this is the right time to change the domain industry as you know it today. Change through disruptive innovation is the only way change can have a truly significant impact. It’s sheer disruption, not mere incremental changes that can bring forward the industry that we all care about. ~ Reza Sardeha CEO of Undeveloped