Common Business Owner Questions

Q) Why Do I Need Social Media?

You don't. And you do. But the good news is it's easier than you think. Websites are ranked by votes. Those votes come in the way of backlinks to your website. Properly linking all social media accounts is very important to compete online.

Q) Why Is My Business Domain Name Important?

Domain names are Internet Real Estate. Your domain is the address for a web page/site. Really good domain names have value even with no website at the address. As a matter of fact, some of the most valuable domain names have never even had web pages published on them! Please visit for more information about business domain names and domain name investing.

Q) What are keywords?

"Keywords" are words and phrases people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. They are also ranked according to popularity. The more popular the keyword the more work it takes to get your pages found for those words or phrases. Developers use keywords in webpages utilizing a specific formula for specific results. Marketers bid on keywords when promoting offers through ad networks.

Q) Why does my website need to be mobile friendly?

Technically it doesn't. But if it's not, it will no longer show up in the search results above any websites that are.

Q) Why should I care about Google?

Because they get over 85% of the traffic in the USA. Yahoo and Bing are the same company now and still only equal a fraction of what Google does for website owners.

Q) Why do I even need a website if I am highly ranked on Yelp or TripAdvisor?

The way your business information is found on the web changes all the time. You can rely on these services as much as you need to to compete in your market. A professionally developed website and branded social media channels add very real value to your business over the long term. You can sell a domain name and a Twitter account but not a TripAdvisor review.

Q) How much should I be spending each month on my web presence?

We recommend all small business owners include their website related expenses in their Marketing/Advertising budget. We can track the results of everything we do unlike certain legacy advertising. Spend $100 or $1000 in a month and see the returns on investment in hours and days. Rinse. Repeat.

Q) What's a web logo?

Hopefully the same as your business logo. Website logos require certain file types and design formulas that are different than print files. You may need to re-design yours, get the proper files created by your original logo designer or... you guessed it - get a new one. Make sure you get it from a company that understands mobile web design. Like AnchorWeb. You really don't need to pay a lot.

Q) What is SEO?

The short story is: A long time ago (1998) these 2 guys figured out a way to index every web page on the Internet. Today it is known as Google Search. Developers and website owners gain a lot from this index, but there are so many websites now (and more every second) they had to make rules. Those rules are know as "search engine optimization."