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The perfect domain name is probably not what you think it is. Every physical place needs a unique address, and on the Internet, your address is the physical place you occupy. It is what separates you from your competitors, it’s your ‘look’, it’s your trust,  it’s your credibility, all in one.

Every human’s experience on the web starts with a domain name: the universal address of your online platform. Owning premium domains can do more for the value of your business than almost any other single marketing “trick”.

The domain name you choose is one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll ever make. Your domain has a far-reaching impact on generating site traffic, recognition, and user faith in your web platform.

As a consumer searching for a Restaurant in Miami, who would you trust more?

“” or “”? Or perhaps “”?

The value is simply tremendous in the new gTLD’s with all possibilities of exact match, short, memorable and descriptive names!

No online sales can happen, no emails can be sent, no website/platform can be created without a domain name.

What do premium domain names have in common?

They are easy to pronounce and comprised of letters and numbers only.
They are short, preferably less than eight characters before the “dot”.
They are meaningful in plain English.
They are descriptive of the web address they point to.
They define an your product or service broadly or specifically.

Your domain name is your brand on the Internet. Rule Web 3.0.

AnchorWeb 3.0 arrives February,  2018.

About Author:

Internet Marketing Expert, Front End Developer, Google Partner, and Director at AnchorWeb.