• After Your Consultation, You Will Be 'Armed And Dangerous' To Your Competitors
  • 30 Day, Hassle Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee (No one has asked yet!)
  • If You Contract With Us Within 60 Days To Work With You, You Get A Discount On Your Project
  • You'll Find Out Exactly What You Need To Do Today, Before You Spend One More Dime On The Internet!

The Drill Down:

  • I will teach you more about applying your business to the Internet in 30 minutes than you've learned since you’ve owned your business. (This is the actual response I get about 90% of the time from local business owners.)
  • You'll receive a killer checklist that contains your outline for 2016. You decide how far down the checklist to take your business, we show you the way. This list starts with everything you can do for little or no money and progresses to the stuff that is more involved but provides huge ROI's.
  • Regardless of where your business is on the web right this minute (even if you have no website!), you will learn the exact steps (that cost absolutely nothing or close to nothing) to take to boost your web efforts immediately.
  • If you accept a proposal for any service from AnchorWeb within 60 days of your consultation (don't worry - I would not send a proposal to you unless you ask) you will get a nice discount on your project.
  • Your payment will be through our secure checkout. We will never even know your credit card number and your transaction is guaranteed for 30 days. If at any time in the first 30 days after your consultation you feel it was not worth what you paid - just let us know. You truly can not lose here.
  • Your consultation includes no sales pitch for anything. You will never feel like you need to buy anything else from AnchorWeb. (Although over two thirds of the Business Owners that receive my consultation do retain the services of AnchorWeb again in some way.)
  • Your consultation includes a pile of actionable information about Social Media, Mobile Devices and Marketing, QR Codes, Google, AdWords, Local Directories, Web Page Design and more - all summarized to keep for reference after your consultation.
  • Upon completion of your consultation you will be able to take informed and concrete action, for little or no money, that very same day.
  • My style and form is very casual and fun. I speak in plain language and will explain things to you in terms you’ll understand. I'll answer any questions you have with clarity and honesty, and provide references and links wherever appropriate.
  • 2016 will be very different for you as compared to your competition!
Get new business from the web. If you are a business owner, that's what it's for. You don't need to figure it all out on your own. We can work with virtually any business or industry and show you exactly how the new web works. No reason to waste any more advertising dollars. Ever.
Jim Short - Director


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